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David Cameron, Samuel Beckett, The Middle and Later Years




An exploraton of the later genius of Samuel Bekett



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John Murray, Across the Great Divide: Manxmen in the American Civil War


This is the first book on the American Civil War to look at the role played by men from the Isle of Man.




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Alessio Zanelli, The Secret of Archery


A questing, lyric and tender collection from Italian poet Alessio Zanelli.




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Loraine Fletcher, Honour Killing in Shakespeare


Honour Killing is full of surprises and is Shakespeare criticism for our time.




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Gary Allen, Sour Hill


A book-length poem set in the townland of the same name in County Antrim, Northern Ireleand.




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"How I Write" - a series of articles by some of our authors


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John Lucas, Julia


An intimate and candid portrayal of the complexities of marriage, ageing and love.




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Neil Root, Covering Darkness


Writing true crime




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James Hodgson, Oscar Wilde: Philosopher, Poet and Playwright


A penetrating, critical analysis of Oscar Wilde's work.




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For once Wilde's biography is subordinated to consideration of the value of his work. This penetrating critical analysis is based on philosophical as well as literary points of view. It gives emphasis to the controlling ideas that inspire Wilde's work as well as his methods of composition. It reviews the manifestation of his ideas evident in his poetry, story writing, drama and socio-politico and philosophic thought. Wilde's uniform methods of writing seemingly impose limitations on the reach of his work. But when, as happens, most notably in The Ballad of Reading Gaol, The Importance of Being Earnest, 'Pen, Pencil and Poison', and 'The Soul of Man under Socialism', he transcends those models and has something enduring to say.