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The Weasel's Guide to Uncritical Thinking

The Weasel (as told to Brian Clover)



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Let the Weasel teach you the deadliest martial art: Word Power!

We all want something - but only the stupid use force to get it. And how often does it really work?

No, the Weasel can show you black-belt word weapons that will distract, delude, and even re-direct your foe to work for you!


About the author:

The Weasel's powers of persuasion are legendary. From humble beginnings hypnotising chickens in Hampshire, he has built up his own multi-national consultancy. Advisor to the great and good, he is far too busy and important to have written this book, so it was done for him by Brian Clover.


78  pages

ISBN: 978-1-906075-11-8

Greenwich Exchange Category: Logic

Series: None