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Sylvia Plath

Marnie Pomeroy




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Marnie Pomeroy provides a sympathetic account of Sylvia Plath's troubled life. She examines the many tributaries of Plath's output: her private journals; her autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar; her intriguing, if uneven, short stories. Her analysis culminates in an insightful exploration of Plath's most enduring artistic achievement - her poetry. Always in the immediate present, Plath's poems combine talent and daring and will continue to excite the interest of succeeding generations of readers.


About the author:

Marnie Pomeroy is a poet, publisher and teacher, and is the author of Emily Dickinson in the Greenwich Exchange Literary Series. She lives and works in Ottowa, Canada.


90  pages

ISBN: 978-1-871551-88-4

Greenwich Exchange Category: Student Guides

Series: Student Guide



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