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Joseph Heller

Anthony Fowles




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Anthony Fowles is the author of over twenty novels and biographies. His is a professional writer's perspective and this is the point of departure for this study, which seeks to examine Joseph Heller's novels in their own terms. While this necessarily involves taking account of such classic writers and thinkers as Heller acknowledges and draws upon, the essential concentration is upon Heller's own vision, architectural craft and above all, words on the page. Fowles shows clearly that there is far more to Heller's work than Catch 22 (although this would be enough on its own) and that others of his novels will endure. While shortcomings may be indicated, Fowles argues that Joseph Heller at his best has extended the classic tradiiton of English Literature.


About the author:

Born in London and educated at the Universities of Oxford and Southern California, Anthony Fowles has completed a full-length study of John Dryden and a study of Ford Maddox Ford for Greenwich Exchange.


128  pages

ISBN: 978-1-871551-84-6

Greenwich Exchange Category: Student Guides

Series: Student Guide



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