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George Orwell

Warren Hope




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George Orwell, famous as the author of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, was also a novelist, essayist, literary critic, and journalist of a high order. Warren Hope traces Orwell's development as a writer by relating the work to the life. He shows how Eric Blair, born in India, raised to be a servant of the British Empire, an Etonian, worked to free himself of the prejudices and superstitions imposed by his background so that he could think for himself and write what he thought. In this way, Hope puts Orwell's early flawed works of fiction in a useful context. He is also able to show how Orwell's experiences in the Spanish Civil War represent a turning point in his political thought and his development as a writer, preparing the way for the magnificent late essays and the influential anti-totalitarian fictions.


About the author:

Warren Hope has written studies of Shakespeare, Seamus Heaney and a biography of Norman Cameron, the British poet and translator. A poet, his collection, Adam's Thoughts in Winter has been published by Greenwich Exchange. He lives in Philadelphia.

Warren Hope Feature


76  pages

ISBN: 978-1-871551-42-6

Greenwich Exchange Category: Student Guides

Series: Student Guide



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