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Death on The Empress

Stuart Fryd



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'Someone in the crowd was staring at me … '

A fumbled assassination here, a missed iceberg there, and the whole of history could have been altered. Death on The Empress is set in an alternative 1930s – a world subtly different from the one we know. The First World War never happened, the Kaiser’s German Empire is the main threat facing the British Empire which still rules over India and much of the globe. Airships rule the skies and planes remain in the imagination of inventors. Fourteen-year-old Oliver has started his dream job – travelling the world in the largest airship ever built. But when a priceless jewel is stolen, a passenger plummets to his death and an ancient curse strikes the ship, everyone on board is thrown into mortal danger. Is there more going on than meets the eye? Only Oliver can solve the deadly mystery on board The Empress.


About the author:

Stuart Fryd is a father, a husband, a reader and a dreamer. Occasionally, as was the case with this book, he writes those dreams down, if only to stop him thinking about them when he really should be concentrating on other things. You can follow him on Twitter@Stuartfryd. Also, go over to for more news, videos, lesson plans and information about the book and author.


122  pages

ISBN: 978-1-910996-21-8

Greenwich Exchange Category: Novels

Series: None



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Praise for The Lost and Drowned

'Chilling, ghostly, yet ultimately magical and hopeful tale for older children. There is magic to be discovered, it feels old and wise, yet almost scampers across the pages, bringing flashes of light to the story. On occasion a cushion may be needed to hide behind, yet this captivating tale calls to be completed, to experience the kiss of Christmas, friendship and love, to ride the magic. I found The Lost and Drowned to be an eerie, exciting and spellbinding tale. It may occasionally frighten, it also has the capacity to absolutely delight.'

Liz Robinson,