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The Man Who Sold Ghosts and Other Light Tales from the Dark Side

Roger F. Dunkley




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Twenty-four wide-ranging Dunkley tales, light of touch but dark of purpose, lie in wait in this volume.

Some emerge here blinking from the blackness of the crypt for the first time, but all are chillingly tainted with the author's characteristic mix of stylish humour and inventive storytelling.


About the author:

Roger F. Dunkley has always aspired to retirement and indolence but a life fraught with education and bedevilled by passions for theatre, music and travel always got in the way. Living in a thatched cottage with malevolently low beams may reflect his fascination with the paranormal and things that go nocturnally bump which informs many of the forty or so stories he has found time to write and publish in several countries, many of them in the Pan Horror and Fontana Ghost and Horror series. Mike Ashley's Who's Who in Horror and Fantasy Fiction comments generously on his 'gift for black humour' and certainly Dunkley is pleased to find himself holding anthologised hands with his literary heroes - Dickens, Poe, M.R. James, Wells, Waugh, 'Saki' et al - as well as contributing spectral shudders to Twilight Zone in the States.


304  pages

ISBN: 978-1-910996-09-6

Greenwich Exchange Category: Other

Series: None






R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Roger F. Dunkley relates his ghost stories with tongue wedged firmly in his cheek and 'The Ghost Machine' has us chuckling and shivering, whilst marvelling at the ingenuity of the plot.

Fontana Great Ghost Stories


Herbert Van Thal

I Like [Twisted Shadow] very much. It is very good.

Herbert Van Thal


Ted Klein

Roger F. Dunkley is best known in Britain as the creator of elegant, blackly humorous, supernatural tales ... 'Twisted Shadow', however, which Mike Ashley calls 'his most chilling to date' is a grimmer work than most, conjuring up a horror both ancient and terribly modern - and one that touches us all.

The Twilight Zone Magazine