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a rainbow of only one hue

simon david




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The full spectrum of writing within a rainbow of only one hue is a widening range of poems poignantly pigmented by the colourful. Uniquely used language stretches words across themes predominantly relationship based. The arch of these relationships disperses varying measures of light and dark, brightly shading a vividly vibrant view imaginatively spectacular in style. A radiant realism resplendently reveals the end of the rainbow to be an ink pot of passion infused in the hue of blue.

A blue rich in rhythmic rhymes that chimes over today's times with words tinted in textures diversely dense in every sense.


About the author:

simon david began writing while training as an actor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He returned to his native England in 1992 to write and perform plays and poetry. He has a longstanding creative writing relationship with Vanessa Goodliffe.


96  pages

ISBN: 978-1-910996-99-7

Greenwich Exchange Category: Poetry

Series: None