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A Guide to Good Written English

Vera Hughes




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If you want to be sure that your written English is correct and up-to-date, this book is for you. The author’s aim is to help you remember the basic rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation. The book teaches the clear, accurate English required by the business, academic and office world, coaching in acceptable current usage and making the rules easier to remember.You can use this book in three ways:

• Work through it from the beginning if you want to improve your skills all round;

• Check specific points – apostrophes or colons, for example – by referring to the relevant sections; and

• Use any of the 48 Practice Sessions as revision.

The extensive Exercise and Practice sections include topics such as IT, a radio script, a letter of condolence and a speech about litter in the park, as well as the normal letters, email and reports found in any business.


About the author:

With a degree in modern languages from the University of London, Vera Hughes has spent many years as a freelance trainer in the business and academic worlds at all levels throughout the UK and overseas. She has trained people in communication skills and proofreading, specialising in written business English. She is also aware of the needs of students in schools and colleges. Now, as an actor and creator of theatre productions, she writes scripts, marketing tools and website copy, using the more creative side of writing. Her sound knowledge of English and her wide business experience are an ideal combination for a book about basic spelling, grammar and punctuation, all necessary in good written English.


156  pages

ISBN: 978-1-906075-70-5

Greenwich Exchange Category: Student Guides

Series: Student Guide



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