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The Flaming

Marnie Pomeroy




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"New and way off course, the bus driver went lost along your street where you were leaning against your doorframe, unaware, familiar, but viewed from the opposite end and angled oddly. This tilted my whole day, but with small meaning … " from New Eyes

The sections of Marnie Pomeroy’s latest collection are like stations along a passage towards the last stop. From one to the next, they are about: persons – love – views in the natural world – enchantment – acts of writing – ways to see – and finally, approaching, then entering the firestorm that is the far end of The Flaming.

Always lyrical and with an assured touch, these poems are remarkable for their range. While some acknowledge raw emotion, others show an underlay of humour. Throughout, an imaginative sensibility shapes what is lovely and speaks through the strange or terrifying. This engaging collection celebrates the value of poetry that can open so many interior landscapes and dialogues with the reader.

It presents a poet fully in command of her voice.


About the author:

Marnie Pomeroy grew up in the countryside near Millbrook, New York. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she spent three years in Europe, the last one in Mallorca as a part-time member of Robert Graves’ household. Next came a stint in Manhattan as a receptionist at The New Yorker. Then, after living in rural New England, she moved to the country north of Ottawa, Canada, co-founding and helping to run The Ladysmith Press, while raising two daughters. She has since settled in Ottawa as a painter and freelance writer.



ISBN: 978-1-906075-43-9

Greenwich Exchange Category: Poetry

Series: None



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