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Hunts: Poems 1979-2009 (Hardback Ed.)

John Greening



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Hunts: Poems 1979-2009 gathers together highlights from John Greening's eleven books along with about sixty new or uncollected poems. At its heart is the poet's extraordinary Huntingdon triology, but the 'hunts' of the title range from Ancient Egypt to New Jersey, from Hounslow Heath to the South Pole. This collection - quite different in emphasis to his 1998 'Selected' and excluding only Iceland Spar (2008) - restores many out-of-print sequences and narratives, such as the Captain Scott epic, The Winter Journey, and Gascoigne's Egg, about the R101 airship disaster. Omm Sety, the true story of an Englishwoman who believed she was the reincarnated lover of Pharaoh Sety I, appears alongside extracts from all Greening's Egyptian books. Hunts also reprints The Coastal Path, which Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney made a top prize-winner in the Arvon/Observer competition, together with the complete Fotheringhay, another Arvon prize-winner.


About the author:

John Greening was born in 1954. He received a Cholmondeley Award in 2008. Greenwich Exchange publish his studies of the First World War Poets, W.B. Yeats, Ted Hughes, Thomas Hardy and Edward Thomas.


272  pages

ISBN: 978-1-906075-36-1

Greenwich Exchange Category: Poetry

Series: None



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On The Tutankhamum Variations (1991)

Greening revels in other voices, other speech patterns ... The formal control is excellent and the ability to get inside the heads of dead men eviable.

Ian McMillan


On Fotheringhay and Other Poems (1995)

There is hope for civilised, contemporary reflection in our time with the publication of a book like Fortheringhay ... no one who has a real interest in important poetry should miss reading 'Huntingdonshire Eclogues'.

William Oxley, Acumen


On Nightflights (1998)

“Greening’s most sustained and ambitious undertaking so far, the ‘Huntingdonshire Eclogues’... are wonderfully and cumulatively evocative precisely because the gathering of detail, as jackdaw-like as ever, is here so convincingly grounded in an

Neil Powell, Times Literary Supplement